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Welcome to MALTATAX
Business, Corporate and Tax Solutions


MALTA TAX is a leading Maltese tax consultancy firm operating from offices in the heart of Valletta, Malta's capital city.

MALTA TAX is a multi-disciplinary tax practice composed of specialists in the following fields: law, taxation, trusts, finance, corporate finance, management, real estate, investments, information technology, gaming and payment systems.

Our mix of expertise and experience positions Malta-Tax as a foremost advisor to tax practitioners overseas as well as businesses and individuals wishing to use Malta as a tax-efficient residence base.

MALTA TAX also services Maltese residents, the Maltese expatriate community as well as local and foreign companies doing business in Malta. [more about us

MALTA TAX: Your Corporate and Tax Partner in Malta.

            Efficiency                                   Professionalism

                                Confidentiality                                       Excellence

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